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Welcome to the house of transformation.

Mother’s House is a Dutch retreat centre where experienced ceremony leaders and facilitators will provide you with a safe and genuinely caring environment to aid you on your path of personal (psychedelic) healing and transformation. We host a variety of retreats and workshops. You can find out more in our calendar.






































We live in a time where many people, especially in western society, feel spiritually disconnected and experience a lack of meaning in their life. Every day we are constantly bombarded with messages by mainstream and social media propagating superficial individualistic and materialistic values. Success is measured by how much money we make or how beautiful we look. Our sense of community has suffered greatly, life has turned into a rat race and many of us feel lost and depressed. Mother’s house is a home away from home where you can come to escape “the matrix” of daily life. A place where community matters and where you are welcome to reconnect with yourself and others while safely working with psychedelics.