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The Full Story

About Roberth Mahua



Maestro Robert (35) was born in the Shipibo village of Pahoyan. 

He started practicing the medicine of ayahuasca at the age of 12 to this day he is still working with traditional medicine and is one of the healers in the Shipibo village. He has also studied western medicine and combines the knowledge of both to provide the best treatment for an illness.

Roberth was with us last year facilitating a Noya Rao diet at Mother's House. There we could again see his dedication and love for the plants and being at service. Roberth is a hardworking family man with a beautiful heart and a beautiful smile.


He has some of the most potent Icaros you will ever hear!


He is also a tobacco maestro, and carves smoking pipes out of the wood of the Master-plants. 

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