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Shamanic  Ayahuasca Ceremony




Working with the sacred medicine is a true blessing. 

We mainly work with Ayahuasca but a few times a year we will organise San Pedro, Peyote and Psilocybin ceremonies.

If the medicine has called you it is time for your transformation. 

Time to look inside yourself and let go of what no longer serves you. 

This is easier said than done, because our ego loves to hold on to all those old pains and programs we have lived by because that is how we have been conditioned. 

It starts at birth and through all of our childhood where we get told how to behave, how to feel and how to be, causing us to get detached from our true selves. It is time to take back control over your life, connect to your higher self, see who you really are and what your true purpose is. 

This is the path of a warrior, as it takes courage to face your own shadows. 

The medicine tribe is here to guide you on your way, creating a safe space for you to do your work. 

Our team is devoted to the medicine path and our mission is to let everyone see their own light and find back the love for themselves. 

Self-love is key in becoming the best version of yourself. 


Our ceremonies are done in a shamanic way where we use Shipibo and mestizo healing methods. 

Our facilitators have worked with the medicine for many years and learned from the indigenous maestro's from Peru.

They regularly go back to the jungle and diet the different healing (master)plants where they get teachings from their maestro (shaman) and get new Icaros(healing songs) from the plants. 

The plants are called upon in ceremony and aid you in the process of healing yourself. 

You are the medicine!


We also use sound healing with singing bowls and sing Sanskrit mantra's.

We work with the beautiful medicine Rapé (tobacco snuff) before, in and after ceremony where needed. 


During the retreat there is also the possibility to do Kambo for an additional fee. 


We work on different locations in Europe and we are based in Holland. 

Please fill out the contact form for more information and dates.

What is included?

~ 2 Sacred Amazonian Master-plant Ceremonies drinking pure amazonian made Ayahuasca (Ayahuasca & Chacruna)

~ Rapé (tabacco snuff) 

~ All food (v) and beverages

~ Use of Spa facilities (Large indoor (cold) swimming pool, Sauna, Outdoor Jacuzzi)

~ Contemplation walks in our 20 acres of private forrest.

~ 2 nights stay in a comfortable bed outside of ceremony space (shared) with soft linnen and fluffy towels

~ Private bedroom (optional)

~ Therapies (Kambo, Massage)(Optional)

~ Group-sharing & Integration

~ Aftercare

We have a maximum of 12 participants every ceremony.


Price: €777

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