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Eduardo Carvalho is a musician with 22 years of experience. Three years ago he started his spiritual adventure with sacred medicine plants. The work started by going trougth his own process of healing by doing ceremonies in The Netherlands and dieting in Peru. On this journey it was clear that his music skill and vibration would become his new life path. At that time he was invited to tour Europe and Peru doing ceremonies with a ‘Mestizo’ shaman. After an extensive process of retreats the time came to part ways with his shaman and than he embarked on a self healing journey with Shipibo lineage shamans doing dietas in Peru with different curanderos. Early this year he took a ‘curandero initiation course’ by the ayahuasca foundation at the inkan kena plant medicine school in Iquitos dieting master plants and learning all of what entails leading an ayahuasca ceremony. The personal approach to the work can be varied in between icaros from different lineages, plus the medicine songs and several different types of instruments and frequencys. All done with love and care.



Tamara started the path of becoming a healer early in life. After high school she studied to become a nurse and she worked in the healthcare industry for over 7 years. When she found out ‘regular’ healthcare was not her path she became a certified yoga instructor and Reiki practitioner. When she started looking for her purpose in life Ayahuasca came onto her path. While working on her own healing process she found what she was looking for and she had the possibility of working together with a shaman from the Mestizo lineage. Assisting in ceremonies, organising retreats and organising dieta’s in Peru. This is where she started singing in ceremony and discovered that this is her calling. After dieting different Master-plants in Peru she decided she wanted to learn more and different ways to work with the plant medicines and attended the Ayahuasca Foundation’s Curandero initiation course to learn all about the Shipibo tradition, Shipibo language, Shipibo icaros, safety in ceremony, plant medicines, energy work and much more. After the course, together with Eduardo Carvalho, she integrated the Shipibo knowledge into the already existing ceremony style to create a ceremony where you get ‘The best of all worlds’. Now she is facilitating ceremonies, with a humble heart full of love, compassion and non-judgement. Being a vessel for the plant spirits to do their healing work.



Erik has been interested in the human psyche and expanded consciousness ever since he was young. After Highschool he studied pedagogy and eventually psychology at the University of Tilburg. After three years of study he was so disillusioned with the curriculum that he decided to drop out and look for a job in the care sector. For ten years he worked with mentally handicapped people and then made the switch to working with young people with autism and behavioural issues. Erik started on his path with Ayahuasca and other plant medicines in 2015 when he first drank Ayahuasca in the jungle of Peru where he received a very strong calling to work with this beautiful plant medicine. After returning to the Netherlands he enrolled in the course Ayahuasquero and Process therapist, given by a well-known Dutch hypnotherapist who has been working with ayahuasca in his practice for over 20 years. The course, mainly revolving around trauma release and therapeutic skills, turned out to be a very good preparation for guiding other people through their ceremonies and processes. That same year Erik had the opportunity to help with creating a new Ayahuasca centre in Pucallpa, Peru. For the following 3,5 years he was managing this centre, hosting and facilitating the retreats. During that time Erik started studying Ayahuasca and dieted different plants with one of the Shipibo maestro’s in the centre. After working a lot on his own healing Erik has now found his calling of being in service to others who want to experience the magic of Ayahuasca. In the beginning of 2019 Erik successfully completed an IAKP course and became a certified Kambo practitioner. He is now also offering Kambo treatments for Mother's house.



Intuitive coach, light worker & trainer started her path after high school by the education social work. She was intrigued by psychology, how people and their brains work. Education brought her own personal development in speed. 

She developed herself as a trainer / coach with the passion to let people live life in their highest potential, happiness and coming back to themselves again. Getting rid of their layers and patterns they created around themselves. 


After being stuck in her body for two years literally (sport accident). She went thought a spiritual awakening. So ayahuasca came on her path. Her personal development gained momentum by drinking ayahuasca. 

During working on her own healing process she started to guide when she felt she was ready. 


She loves the combination of guiding, working with her intuition and coach people to stimulate their integration process. In her opinion integration is the biggest challenge when you drink ayahuasca. Sometimes you need a co-driver for a little while to empower yourself again.

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Meet The Mother's House team of Angels.

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