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"Because the real work starts after ceremony"


Integration & Coaching by Margje

Coaching & Integration

In your ceremony, you get a glimpse into the essential truth of reality. 

What is real beyond the mind.

You get to experience and see yourself as everything.

The illusion of separation fades away.

And you get to experience the truth behind reality, that you are so much more than this little physical

human being.

You are pure consciousness.

You are the energy that moves, and breathes in and out of this human body.

And once you connect with this space…

It’s important, in order for you to really ground this into a life-long transformation.

That you continue to connect with this as often as possible.


Write, reflect, connect with nature, walk barefoot, meditate, dance, do more things you love, listen to that voice within when everything else is quiet.


And connect with the same space and realisations that you had while you were in ceremony.

The real work begins after the ceremony

The medicine does not stop working when the ceremony ends or when the retreat is over. Magic truffles initiate a healing process deep within our soul that unfolds over time, and can take months or years. The goal of integration is to maximize that healing process.


It is guaranteed that we will face challenges on our return home. They may be big or small, difficult or easy to navigate, but there will for sure be challenges. In the Amazon, traditional healers working with plant spirit medicine talk about the plants ‘testing’ us. These are the teachings of the plants. These life challenges or upsets can be perfect opportunities to practice what we’ve learned and to relate to old situations in new ways. Navigating the integration process while also trying to live life, with work, kids, family, relationships, and everything else to manage can be extremely challenging.


It’s not always easy to integrate the lessons after a ceremony. Sometimes you need a co-driver for a while to turn on the steering wheel again. 


During the ceremony there are the ceremony leaders and guides which you can talk with. And off course also the other participants. 

After the ceremony we give you information to take home with you. 

If you feel like you need coaching after the ceremony we provide after care coaching by our integration plant medicine coach.   


The intake is free. We find it important that you first feel a connection.

For more information send an email to

About  our integration coach

Intuitive coach, light worker & trainer started her path after high school by the education social work. She was intrigued by psychology, how people and their brains work. Education brought her own personal development in speed. 

She developed herself as a trainer / coach with the passion to let people live life in their highest potential, happiness and coming back to themselves again. Getting rid of their layers and patterns they created around themselves. 


After being stuck in her body for two years literally (sport accident). She went thought a spiritual awakening. So ayahuasca came on her path. Her personal development gained momentum by drinking ayahuasca. 

During working on her own healing process she started to guide when she felt she was ready. 


She loves the combination of guiding, working with her intuition and coach people to stimulate their integration process. In her opinion integration is the biggest challenge when you start the healing process with psychedelics. Sometimes you need a co-driver for a little while to empower yourself again.

She offers a counseling and integration program for people who need it. 

Please send an email to: for more information.

Connection days

Mother's house frequently organizes connection days.

A day to share stories, talk about integration, join singing circles, attend workshops and so much more. All donation based to keep it accessible to everyone. 

Together we rise...

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