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Our main research center is located on Barbados in the Caribbean.


This location was chosen particularly for it’s dependence on imported food, and it’s focus on agricultural systems developments for small island sustainability.


The UN’s Agenda 21 proposals for small islands were written in Barbados, and as such, it was an appropriate place to carry out our research and demonstrations.  Our hope is to be able to change farming systems in the Caribbean to become more flexible, productive and in better symbiosis with the natural world.

The second research center is located in Pucallpa, Peru close to the Brazilian border.


The third is planned to be in Europe, and shortly we will begin to explore locations in Brazil, where the plant medicine genes have found to be the strongest


For example, the Brazilian Banesteriopsis Caapi (Ayahuasca) flowers strongly in the spring, producing numerous seeds, whereas the Peruvian strains rarely flower and produce no seeds at all. This is due to hybridisation and cloning, which weakens the plant DNA each time it is copied.


Our hope is to develop the powerful and original strains from Brazil, expanding the range of plants that we work with once we find a perfect location there.


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