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Mothers House GA FLAT.png
Mothers House GA FLAT.png
Mothers House GA FLAT.png

Our Retreat Centre

Mother’s house retreat centre is located in a grand and luxurious sixteenth century mansion hidden in the woods of a vast private estate.

Recently renovated it combines rural charm with lavish modern comforts such as a sauna, jacuzzi and indoor swimming pool.

In the front yard a monumental century old oak tree welcomes you to Mother’s house of healing.

The imposing driveway leading up to the house is surrounded by woodlands and meadows for as far as you can see.

The peaceful atmosphere of this piece of land will not escape you.

We are so happy with this remarkably beautiful place because it is alive.

If you wake up early enough you might see the deer striding through the backyard, chipmunks jumping from one branch to the next and woodpeckers high in the trees drilling a hole.

The surrounding forests are always inviting you for a meditative walk to reconnect with nature.

A perfect place to let go of your daily stress and find yourself again with the aid of sacred plant medicines and our professional staff.

A place where your comfort and care will be our first priority during every minute of your stay. 





Mother’s house is situated in Limburg, the most southern province of the Netherlands. The centre is easily accessible, within a one hour drive from Schiphol, Dusseldorf, Brussels, Antwerp and Cologne airports. Closest are Eindhoven and Maastricht airports with a 30 minute travel time by car. The Netherlands has a very well organised public transport system and frequent trains leave at Schiphol to and from a train station close to the centre from where we provide a free pick up and drop off at the start and end of your retreat.



Mother's House has 23 beds devided over 6 bedrooms. We have a shared bedroom for 10 people, 2, 2-person bedrooms, 2, 3-person bedrooms and 1, 4-person bedroom. There is also the possibility to bring your own tent or camper and camp out on the grounds around Mother's House


Ceremony Space

Everybody who enters Mother’s House ceremony room can feel the amazing energy that resides in this place. A spacious room with a gorgeous fireplace, robust stone slab floors, huge windows looking out on the garden and a high ceiling excites the senses. When we, as a team, had our first inauguration ceremonies here, we quickly realised how special this room really is. It inspired shared visons of cathedral like structures reaching the top of the roof in more than one of us. Some things are hard to catch in words, the atmosphere and incredible energy in this ceremony room is one of those things. 



As inspirational author Esther Hicks, cowriter of the famous book the Law of attraction, once said: “Pamper yourself into alignment with who you really are and then face your day.” This is exactly what we at Mother’s house want you to experience. And what better way to pamper yourself than letting yourself completely immerse into deep relaxation in the jacuzzi? Accessible during the day this hot tub is always kept on a lovely body temperature and it’s jets are always ready to give your back and feet an awesome massage. You will emerge fully charged, aligned and ready for your next ceremony. 




During the day there will plenty of opportunity to make use of our spacious Sauna facility’s. There is nothing more reinvigorating than a deep sweat to help relax and balance the body and the mind. The sauna, known for it’s therapeutic effects on depression and anxiety, perfectly supports the cleansing process as it helps reduce toxin levels, increases blood flow and releases endorphins into your body. A perfect opportunity to recharge between ceremonies so you can keep your energy up for transformational work.




Swimming Pool

If you like our sauna and jacuzzi you will love our cold water indoor swimming pool. Connected to the garden with big sliding doors the sunlight pours into the swimming pool area through grandiose windows overlooking the Patio. Swimming on your back you will see the impressive colossal beams of the antique roof construction which add to the lofty atmosphere in this space. Located centrally in the villa a spiral staircase grants easy access to the bedrooms on the first floor. Another door on the ground floor will take you to the sauna and rainshower. A perfect place for a refreshing dive during your retreat or when coming out of the sauna. 



Surrounding area

Mother’s House is located in the Netherlands most southern province of Limburg. The green slopes with rustic villages offer this part of the Dutch landscape a unique appearance within a mostly flat country. The centre is surrounded by some of the most exquisite nature reserve parks in the country. A five-minute walk from Mother’s House will take you to straight into some beautiful historic wetland areas that were later made suitable for agriculture by dewatering. Wandering through the calming scenery of Woodlands, marshes, meandering streams and meadows you might spot some rare animals like the beaver or kingfisher bird. If you are looking to reconnect with nature and recharge our energy Limburg offers plenty of opportunities to do just that. If you are planning to come early or stick around for a couple of days after your retreat we would happily give you some advice on how to make the most of your time and see all the sites. 




The Woodlands

The Sauna

The Pool

The Jacuzzi

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